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    My name is Lauren & I have been part of the Smith Chiropractic family since December of 2014. I initially began here as an assistant to Drs. Kevin & Kathy, working hands on with patients, administering therapies, assisting the front desk, and generally helping to ensure the office ran smoothly from day to day. While I genuinely loved working with the patients, I jumped at the opportunity to advance my career and stepped into a management position, spending the last two of my four years here doing my best to ensure our practice runs smoothly and efficiently! This office, as many of our patients will tell you, is much more like a home than a workplace. We are a close-knit bunch, who treat not only each other, but our patients like family!

    As the Office Manager, in addition to my behind the scenes responsibilities, such as billing, insurance issues, and overall office operations, my position requires that I have immediate contact with all of our patients & I have been lucky enough to get to know a good deal of them very well. I get to hear their chiropractic victory stories that range from simply feeling better, taking less medications, being able to work-out and be more physically active to just living a happier, pain free life!

    My entire family has been under the care of Drs. Kevin and Kathy. My brother, an avid weight lifter comes in from time to time for “fine tuning”, in order to prevent injuries! My sister, treated with Dr. Kathy throughout her entire pregnancy, relieving an immense amount of lower back pain! And last but certainly not least, my one-year old son has been receiving care since birth! He was initially was born with mild hip displacement, not surprising in the least bit considering what their little bodies go through during birth! Dr. Kathy had him fixed up in no time, and since then he has been treating regularly as a wellness patient!

  • JESSICA BOSWELL - Chiropractic Assistant and Certified Personal Trainer.

    My name is Jessica and I work assisting Dr. Kevin and Kathy with the therapies prescribed to each individual patient's needs here. I am relatively new to Smith Chiropractic family as of 2017, but I have been active in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years.

    Being health conscious at an early age, I started my career early on as a health coach, managing numerous health and wellness centers throughout the country. In my travels, I attended many nationwide expos and seminars where I was able to expand my education from natural and holistic studies, to fitness and sports nutrition.

    As a Chiropractic Assistant here, I enjoy actively studying Orthopedics and Corrective Biomechanics with the ability to apply both my worlds of knowledge to better help our patients, as well as my personal clients reach their full health and fitness potential.

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